3 Essential Free Tools For Small Businesses In Australia

3 essential free tools for small businesses in Australia

Running a small business takes time, effort and money. Here at Knect we are always on the lookout for new tools for small businesses to make our jobs easier. We believe we have found 3 that are not only essential in helping us Knect with other brands and our clients, they are also FREE. So we just have to share.

  1. Wave – Free online accounting for small business
  2. Teamwave – A free platform for collaboration, sales and marketing
  3. WordPress – Web software to build a free website

Wave – Free online accounting for small business

Online accounting software for small businesses has continued to develop over the past few years with popular tools such as Xero and MYOB really dominating the Australian market. While these tools have a fantastic suite of features they require a monthly investment with plans starting at about $25 a month.  Whilst developing my own business i came across Wave. Wave comes with many of the features you would expect from accounting software as per the below and its free!

  • Invoicing
  • Payments
  • Bank reconciliation – link your business bank account to keep track of finances
  • Reciepts – with handy mobile apps for scanning in your receipts for keeping track of expenses

Why not try it out at https://www.waveapps.com/

Teamwave – A free platform for collaboration, sales and marketing

Looking for a platform to take care of your small businesses customer relationship management (CRM)? Teamwave has you covered! Quite frankly i don’t know how this platform (still in beta) remains free, although they do indicate they may add more paid only features in the future.  The current feature set contains but is not exclusive too

  • Projects – set up clients and manage tasks
  • CRM
  • Time tracking
  • Sales pipeline – similar to paid tool pipedrive which comes at $12 a month per user
  • Analytics and contact management – stay across the effort it takes to close a lead

Take your small business to the next level with http://www.teamwave.com/

WordPress – Web software to help you build a free website

A website helps brands build awareness, showcase their services and as such potentially build sales leads. More than likely you’ll have heard of WordPress who provide web software to build a website. On their website WordPress highlight their software as

“free and priceless at the same time” – WordPress Website

and i must admit, i have to agree. Not only is the Knect website built on WordPress but many of our clients have also chosen to build their website (built by Knect) on WordPress.

Build a small business website today with https://wordpress.org/

Alternatively contact Knect and we can help you LEARN. DESIGN. BUILD. EVOLVE. your next website!

Thanks for reading and we hope you find these tools for small businesses useful

If you have any questions or other tools you think small businesses should be using please Knect in the comments below.