Automating Google Search Console With Ifttt

Automating Google Search Console with IFTTT

A tweet this morning by Googles John Mueller raised some interesting thoughts!


For those that dont know IFTTT its a tool that enables automation of things. i.e. when i put this post live push to Twitter. Athough i don’t currently have any recipies (thats what they call these automated rules) setup on IFTTT, one simple usage did come to mind! What if Knect could automate some tasks we doe regurarly in Google Search Console, a tool we introduced a few days ago in our post “3 tools for monitoring your business websites performance“.

Using Fetch as Google in Google Search Console to aid indexation

As we are a new website with a lack of content, we are working on that, Google currently does not crawl our site all that often without us informing them to do so. As such we use a feature in Google Search Console called Fetch as Google. Essentially you submit a URL, from your website, and tell google to crawl it. This may simply be to

  1. Inform Google to crawl the page to see how it renders
  2. Inform Google to crawl the page and submit it to its index (you can inform them to only crawl this page or also crawl all links it finds)
  3. Inform Google to recrawl the page as you may have made some changes and you want them to update the page in their index and cache

For all new users to Google Search Console here is what Fetch as Google looks like in Google Search Console.


As a result the Knect site not being crawled all that often we are using Fetch as Google on every new post to get it indexed as quickly as possible. In steps IFTTT!

Automating Google Search Console with IFTTT

It would be great to open up Google Search Console to tools such as IFTTT to enable some automation.

@JohnMu please add the ability to connect IFTTT to Google Search Console, specifically Fetch as Google.

This would allow Knect to create a recipe “If new post on WordPress Then Fetch as Google and index page in Google Search Console”.

IFTTT for new users

For any digital marketers that have not used IFTTT i recommend having a look at Seer Interactives recipes in their post “The Ultimate List of IFTTT Recipes for Marketers“. Hopefully John Mueller and his team at Google allow us to automate Google Search Console with IFTTT in the near future.

If you have any questions or other suggested recipes for IFTTT you think businesses should be using please Knect in the comments below.

Thanks for reading.