How To Monitor Your Business Website Uptime

How to monitor your business website uptime

Our recent posts have showcased tools that can help your small business with accounting (Waveapps), customer relationship management (Teamwave), content management (WordPress) and performance (Google Analytics, Google Search Console and GTmetrix).

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  2. 3 tools for monitoring your business websites performance

Today we continue our series with a tool that can help you monitor your business website uptime!

Statuscake – website monitoring unleashed for free

Statuscake allows you to monitor website uptime, essentially is your website available to users? Your site could be down for a number of reasons including

  • Your website hosting is down
  • Coding issues
  • Its been hacked
  • Load issues – too many people visiting!

This not only creates bad experiences for your users but it also could be losing you money (conversions/sales). Usually these services come at a cost (Pingdom, one of the more well known uptime monitoring providers, and one Knect have used in the past, costs $12.95 a month)  though Statuscake has a free forever package with adequate features.

At Knect we agree with Statuscake when they say

Whether you write a blog, run a small online business or are a large organisation you deserve not only a good and reliable website monitoring service – Statuscake website

Signup for Statuscake at Brands like the Australian Government (Department of Defense) and Unicef use it so why don’t you.

Alternatively contact Knect and we can help you setup website monitoring and take things a bit further to ATTRACT. ENGAGE. CONVERT and DELIGHT your site’s users.

Thanks for reading now off you go to monitor your business website uptime.

If you have any questions or other tools you think businesses should be using please Knect in the comments below.